Nurture Thy Skin

Did you know that Koreans spend more money in skincare products than the rest of women in the world? And that they usually use 14-16 different products on a weekly/daily basis and they follow a nine step skincare regimen? No wonder their skin looks so awesome and something that I really envy about. Products they often use includes; cleanser, toner, essence, serum, emulsion, moisturizer, bb/cc creams, face mask, face mist, sun screen lotion, etc. They layer these products beginning from the lightest to the heaviest.

Though nature plays a role in having great skin; nurturing it also plays a huge factor.  I used to take good care of my skin and for some reasons I stopped doing it (well laziness is a pus factor to that) and was alarmed I saw my skin drying up, two dark spots under my eye, pimples popping everywhere and uneven skin tone. That was a real an eye opener for me and also a lesson learned really hard. I know there are a lot of products out in the market that is said to remove dark spot and uneven skin tone but since I have sensitive skin I really need to be careful of the products that I use or I’ll end up with irritated skin.

Since then I try my best to take care of my skin most especially if I am at home and even if I am being lazy. I tried doing the Korean nine step skincare regimen and I failed but not because of the procedure but as I said I am such a lazy ass to put on a lot of stuffs on my face and other parts of my body; i.e. makeup, creams, lotions, et al.

This is my current skin care that I do every day.

For the face: morning routine

  1. Wash face with mild face foam or wash.
  2. Pat dry your face. Do not rub or it can irritate your skin.
  3. Apply toner on skin using a cotton pad. This will help remove excess dirt and sebum on your skin
  4. Use a moisturiser that has high SPF (I always get products that can be use 2 in 1) this will moisturizer while help moisturizer your skin while protecting it from sun harmful rays. If you prefer to use moisturiser and sun screen separately go ahead.
  5. Continue with your makeup steps.

For the body:  morning routine

  1. Wash body with mild soap or wash
  2. Pat dry skin using a towel; do not rub as to not irritate your skin
  3. Apply lotion with SPF.

For the face: night routine

  1. Using makeup remover, baby oil or petroleum jelly; remove makeup on your face
  2. Wash face using mild face foam or wash
  3. Pat dry skin using face towel.
  4. Apply toner on face using cotton pad
  5. Apply aloe vera gel all over face this will help moisturise skin while you sleep at night

For the body: night routine

  1. Wash body using mild soap Pat dry skin
  2. Apply lotion all over body

These are my daily skin care routine that I know I won’t get lazy doing. Once a week I would exfoliate my skin to remove any dead skin cells and use face mask to help hydrate and relax my skin. Of course let us not all forget to drink at least 8-9 glasses of water daily, exercise, proper rest and don’t forget your daily fruit and veggies servings. And of course having a beautiful heart will show on the outside.

If you are like me who adores Korean flawless, healthy, radiant skin just remember to take good care of it. Never neglect it. If you would be comfortable in following the Korean nine step skin care regimen then do so but if not try to follow something that you know you won’t feel lazy doing daily.  But remember that in every skin care the 3 most important key is to clean, moisturise and protect.

I might not be able to achieve a beautiful skin like Song Hye Kyo has, but so far with my daily routine I can see my skin slowly rejuvenating. It is so far better than my dry skin before and pimples are slowly going away though the two dark spots under my eye are still visible. I think that it a good start.

What is your daily skin regimen?




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