Chili Oil

Whenever I dropped by my favorite Chinese restaurant, the first thing that I would look for is the chili oil/sauce. Chili oil is a condiment often used in Chinese cuisine. I love dumplings and what better way to eat dumplings than to pair it with some chili oil, soy sauce and calamansi (Philippine lemon). I often wonder how they cook chili oil since it is one of my favorite condiments; so I did a little digging and found some recipe for it online and surprisingly the process is really not complicated. I gave it a little twist and added crushed garlic for added aroma and flavor.

Just a little warning beforehand: this will involve a lot of sneezing and terrible burning sensation on your hands (wear plastic gloves for protection)

Chili Garlic Oil

1/3 C dried chili peppers crushed
1 C Canola oil or vegetable oil
½ C crushed garlic
A small jar
1. In a small saucepan, heat Canola oil until hot.
2. Add crushed garlic mix until golden brown
3. Remove from heat
4. Add dried wild crushed chillies and stir
5. Let cool before transferring mixture in a jar

** If you don’t have crushed dried chili peppers; you can just buy the whole dried chili pepper just put it on a food processor and process it until broken to little pieces.
** Don’t fret about the extra amount of oil your chili garlic oil has because you will be able to use it in cooking your Chinese dish like hot and sour soup.
** Be sure to remove saucepan from heat before mixing in the chili peppers since it burns easily.
** I would really suggest that you dry your own chili peppers; it’s way cheaper and you’ll sure that they were cleaned properly.

So if you love spicy condiment I am pretty sure that you will love this. Give this recipe a go and enjoy!




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