BB Cream Application

Foundation is one of the essentials in applying makeup. It helps even out your complexion, cover flaws and sometimes change the natural color of your skin. But sometimes foundations can be too heavy for the skin this is one of the reason why I don’t like using foundation instead I use BB cream. BB cream as most of you know stand for blemish balm and is like an all-in-one cream. Moisturizer, sun screen, foundation, etc the only problem most bb creams has is that it is sheer and comes mostly in one shade.

For this post I will be sharing how I apply BB cream. This is a combination of what I’ve learned from my favorite makeup gurus on Youtube (@beautifymeeh, @bubzbeauty, @gossmakeupartist, @frmheadtotoe and @michellephan). Yes, I do admit that most of the makeup application I learned are all from Youtube. Actually, you can learn a lot of stuffs over at Youtube it is like a university.


  1. When applying makeup on your face always remember to start with a clean face. This will avoid formation of bacteria that will eventually form acne or pimples.
  2. Using your clean fingers or foundation brush (I use foundation brush as this gives a more polish look.)  Squeeze a dime size and dot on areas that needed covering.
  3. Blend the BB cream evenly, start from top to bottom.
  4. Blend in the direction of the hairline using small strokes.
  5. A second coating on the eye area and it can double as your concealer this works best if your BB cream is not too sheer.

The routine above is my daily BB cream application that works well for me. What is your routine?





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