The Vow by Cailee

Bridget Anderson is getting anxious on her seat. Every minute that passes by is making her more and more excited. She just cannot wait for the plane to land. She has been waiting for this moment for a long time and now it has finally arrived.

Bridget was on a vacation in Japan when she accidentally bumps onto Shane Martin. And since then they became friends. Even though they are aware of the hardship they might face they decided to take their relationship a little further. Bridget was hesitant at first, knowing that it will not be easy to have a romantic relationship with someone who lives thousands of miles away. But her love for Shane prevailed. Before parting, they agreed to keep in touch with each other as often as they can. True to his word, Shane would constantly keep in touch with her during his free time. Even if he is busy he would simply leave Bridget a message.

Years passed; though they would only communicate over the phone or thru the internet; they both felt that they are blessed as their relationship grew stronger. It is seldom that you see them get into an argument. Bridget was satisfied with this setup, though at times she wished that their relationship would just be like others. One thing making her safe and secure with their relationship is the promise Shane had told her; the promise that he would only love her for as long as he live. That night just like before Shane called her up, they were able to talk over the phone, Bridget told him how he misses him so badly. Shane’s response was a little bit unusual for Bridget but it made her smile. The next night Bridget was waiting for Shane’s phone call but there was none, so she checked her email but just the same none Bridget thought that he might just be really busy, though she knows that it is not like Shane to do something like that. She started getting worried when she have not heard from Shane for a week now. She keeps on assuring herself that Shane is fine and could just be busy with work, so she tried to keep busy to keep her mind off of Shane.

Bridget was preparing dinner, when she heard a light knock on the door. She was not expecting anyone so she wondered who could that be. She opened the door and to her surprise she saw a familiar face; the face she has not seen for years. She could not believe it as if she was in a dream; Shane was standing in front of her with a bouquet of red roses in one hand. She quickly gave him a hug. As they ate dinner and Shane was able to tell her the real reason why he was not able to go to her place. Apparently, as soon as Shane was able to arrive he got a hard time finding Bridget’s home. Since Shane is not from there, he was not familiar with the place. Bridget then told him how worried she was when she has not heard from him. She was just so relieved that Shane got to her house safely.

After dinner they decided to have a stroll at the park. It was an unforgettable night for Bridget. What else could go wrong? It was such a lovely night the sky was clear and the moon was shining so brightly, most of all she was with the man she love. While sitting on a bench, Shane asked if Bridget could still remember the promise that he told her before they parted. Though confused Bridget said yes and asked him the reason why he asked that question. Before providing his answer, Shane stood up kneeled down in front of her and replied his reason was because he wanted to seal that promise he made to her. He then pulled out a small box from his pocket and with shaking hands he asked Bridget nervously if she would like to spend the rest of her life with him. Bridget was surprised and speechless. Tears started rolling down her eye; this was what she has been waiting for. She wanted to say yes but she could not seem to find her voice.

Shane started feeling awkward, though he planned this for a long time and knew that Bridget loves him; he is uncertain if she would accept his proposal. Bridget was just looking at him and crying. He wondered if he had said something or did something that might have hurt her. So he decided to ask her the question one more time; this time instead of forcing herself to speak, she quickly nods to Shane. Shane felt so relieved; for he thought that Bridget will turn him down. He then took the ring out of the box and slipped it in Bridget’s finger. They were both so happy; after five years of living apart they will be together at last. Shane needed to go back home but before…



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