Crazy Love by cailee

Every time I see you my day simply brightens up

Every time I see your smile my heart would dance for joy

Every time I see those sweet little eyes my heart would simply melt

My whole world seems to stop whenever you’re around

I love you the first time I saw you

I know it’s odd since I never met you before

I didn’t even know your name

All I know is that I love you from the start

How is it possible to feel this way?

Is this love or just an infatuation?

If we ever met would you also feel the same?

Tell me should I stop this crazy love?

I would always wonder

If given a chance to bump into each other

Would you notice an ordinary girl like me?

Or even take a little time to glance at me?

If it is destiny that led me to you

Or just simple craziness that I should stop

Please, please tell me what to do

For I can’t fight this feeling no more




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