Letting Go by cailee

The first time we met

I never knew I’d fell for you

You were never my type

I never saw myself falling for you


But you treated me so well

You made me feel loved

You were there for me

You always made me smile

I was your princess


Then you told me how you feel

My heart was dancing from joy

It felt strange at first

But I knew I had fallen for you

This is my fairy tale


Now we are together

I thought our love will grow

Just like any other fairy tale

I thought I had met my prince

And this is finally my happy ever after


I never knew you’d change so quickly

All of a sudden you are drifting far from me

You prefer to be with your friends

You hardly find time to be with me

You never call me anymore


I begged you to stop hurting me like this

You said we’d rather go our separate ways

I begged you not to leave

I was stupid to believe that somehow you will change

Oops! You did it again


You are selfish jerk

You don’t deserve to be love

I trusted you and gave you my heart

When you promised me that you will take care of it

But you shattered it to pieces


You made me feel like trash

And so I’m gonna give up on you

I am setting you free

I’m sick and tired of being treated like shit


I deserve someone better than you

Someone who won’t take me for granted

A special person who will treat me right

A person who would appreciate me



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