Dear Mom,

“How are you?” would be a nice way of starting a letter but we see each other every day, we live in one roof; it would be awkward to start my letter that way don’t you agree?

Mom, I know that we had a lot of differences; actually, we are the exact opposite of each other and that is the reason why we always ended getting on each other’s nerves. I am not perfect, I am selfish, stubborn, a trouble-maker and crazy; I committed a lot of sins and terrible mistakes in my life that honestly, I regretted and never been proud of. I was such a pain in the arse for a very long time and I know you even came to a point of totally giving up on me because of that.

I just wanted you to know that I am really am so sorry for all the pain and trouble I’ve caused you. I never really meant to do that. I have my reasons for doing that; I really had a hard time with my growing up years that somehow I wish I could’ve told you about yet kept it all to myself. I have issues that I never knew how to resolve on my own and I simply don’t want to add up to the bucket of list of problems that you were thinking of during those times. What happened to me during my growing up years and up until not so recently was not a joke.  I’ve became vindictive to the ugly situation and all people who I thought cause me into so much pain that I never realized that I am shoving away even those people who care about me including my own family.

Well you can say that I am a extra late bloomer since I only was able to realized about all those crazy mistakes I’ve done in the past. Right now, I am slowly trying to fix my life and hope to start a new chapter with good memories. I am slowly trying to get back to my feet and forgive those people that have hurt me in the past. As what you always say to me, I am not getting any younger but I just hope that it is still not too late for me to get back on the right track. Though I really don’t know how this will end for me; I do hope that this time around you will be there for me and give your all out support.

Mom, you were the one who took dad’s position in the family when he was battling cancer. You took odd jobs just so to provide food, shelter, clothing and education for the whole family. If you would have given up when dad passed away this family might’ve crumble a long time ago, even when dad was still alive. I know we had our differences and will never ever agree on something but let me tell you this for me you may not be the “perfect mom” that everyone wanted to be but for me you are the greatest mom and I will be forever grateful for that. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. I love you and forever will be even if we daily have our fight like cats and dogs.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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