Some Facts About Me


  1. My height is 4’11” and my weight is 55 kg so, yes I am very, very small and overweight.
  2. I am single 32 years old turning 33 this June.
  3. I am Filipino-Chinese; both my parents came from China and I was born and raised here in the Philippines.
  4. I have four siblings; I am the third among the four.
  5. I graduated in university in 2005 with a degree in Business administration major in management information system.
  6. Growing up I was bullied; I was not able to cope with it and that’s the reason why I am a loner and became a fear for me. Currenlty I am slowly doing everything I can to make me become a better person.
  7. I love to eat and cook. Each time that I eat something for the first time and I really, really like it I research the recipe on the internet and try to recreate it and alter the recipe a bit to suit my taste.
  8. I love dogs, I have 2 male shih tzu’s namely Ziggy and Codie, a female shih tzu named Cassey and a mini pincher named Eula.
  9. I used to work as a customer service representative but currently looking for a job.
  10. I love to write one of the reasons why I created this blog to be able to share the things I that interests me in hopes that I would be able to inspire, motivate or simply brighten up your day.
  11. I did a lot of terrible things in life that I am not proud of and will never be proud of and I just realized it recently. I really want to change and so I am changing my negative sides slowly or one at a time. I still tend to go back to my old self but I am really trying my best not to. I just hope I can change for the better and hope it is not yet too late.
  12. I am a frustrated singer and artist. I would held secret concerts inside my bathroom and would really love to learn how to draw since I was a child. I could only draw matchsticks people.
  13. I love to travel, go to different countries and/or places to learn and experience different cultures and languages.
  14. I don’t watch scary films. I tend to get scared easily, yes I know I am old already to be scared but each time I watch horror movies or show it kinda stick to my mind for the longest time and I always end up not sleeping for nights.
  15. I am not perfect and I don’t intend to be one. I love to learn and experience things. I just want to fix my life for a brighter future.


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