Pursue Your Dream

Nobody is too old to pursue their dreams. So long as they believe in themselves and never give up their dream it will eventually come true.

I used to envy my older brother a lot for he has an in born talent of drawing. He just draws whatever comes to mind naturally, no formal training whatsoever.  I also used to hate him because he never uses that certain talent. I always thought that if that talent was given to me I might be a cartoonist in Walt Disney or Warner Brothers or a famous painter.  Well, to be honest, I envy a lot of people who were given talents (that I wish I have) but never use it. I know that drawing can be developed and not just talent and so I tried for years to try and draw but for some reasons I would end up drawing match stick people to a point where I simply given up on it.

In the spirit of  holy week, I decided to do a “personal retreat.” A time where I can reflect on things that happened to me, to repent from the sins I committed, a time where I can contemplate and think of what I really wanted and goals in life. No social media for a week, just me to think and do things I want to do, a little sacrifice that I can offer. One night I picked up my sketchpad and was staring at it for a long time. I wanted to draw but I know for a fact that I do not have that “gift.”  Then it hit me no one would be able to see it anyway just do it.  As my hand started to move to form strokes I was surprised at what I was able to do.

Not really something that could go on exhibits but it’s better than my matchstick drawings… ^_^

I have a lot of dreams as I was growing up but as time passes by I get frustrated because it seems like all the dreams I make are impossible to achieve. I am currently 32 years old; my mom would always tell me that I will never be able to fulfill things anymore. But it’s also recently that I found out that I am able to draw and that is one of the things that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. And to be honest, it had given me hope to chase after my dreams that I given up on and to keep on dreaming again.

You may not be able to achieve your dreams right away but it doesn’t mean that you should give up on it completely and just forget about it. Believe in yourself (something that I never did before) and never get frustrated no matter how bumpy the road seems if you are determined to chase after your dream you will eventually fulfill it. I also believe that there’s always a right place and a right time for everything.



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