June 2015 Favorites

I will be sharing some of the things that currently my favorites like products, movies, TV shows, food, outfit, etc.

  1. Asus Zenfone 6 – I love this phone so much because of its large screen display which lets me navigate through the application and games easily,16 gb internal memory that can be expanded upto 32 gb of which I could store more photos, applications, games, etc., it is dual sim, 13MP rear camera 2MP front camera
  2. China Green Tea – I love drinking green tea especially when I am stressed out, it somehow helps in calming my senses. I love this particular brand because it taste good, not the usual strong leafy taste and most of all it is cheap it cost Php 50 or around $ 1.
  3. Face Shop Aura CC Cream – I love Face Shop products most especially their BB and CC creams and also their face masks. Just like the Face Shop BB Perfection Cream; the Face Shop Aura CC Cream is lightweight with medium coverage. It last for 8 hours and doesn’t feel sticky and oily. A little goes a long way. It also has SPF!
  4. Nivea Extra White Day Cream – I just came upon this product when Nivea had their 50% sale. I am only using this product for a week but so far it had helped in lightening my dark spots. Most of all it has SPF 30
  5. Lazy Arm Phone Holder – I love this because I don’t need to hold my phone if I am just using it to watch youtube videos or movies.
  6. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel – I have been using this for 2 years now and it had been a very versatile product that I really, really love. I often apply this on my face as my night cream, I also use this for my hair, if I get burnt from cooking, I would simply apply this. It has so many uses.
  7. Sophie Lipstick (Red Pepper) – I had been loving red lipstick lately and this shade is just simply awesome.
  8. Beauty Blender Dupe – I came upon this Beauty Blender Dupe and so far I love how it is easy for me to apply my make up. It cost Php 88 or around $ 1.50. I usually use this if I am using foundation. It makes the foundation looks as though it is skin. It’s like you haven’t applied anything on your face at all. I haven’t got a chance to use or buy the original beauty blender but this onereally makes it easier for me to apply foundation.
  9. iZombie (TV Series) – I love how it is not a common zombie thing where the zombies go walking around in torn clothes, with decomposing skin. I also love how it is somehow in a form of comedy. This is one of the show that I watch while I am mending my broken heart (yes, cheesy but hey I’d rather watch this than to cry over a guy who dumped you and tells you that he did not love you at all right?)

So far these are the products that I’ve tried, used/using that I am currently loving. What are the some of the products that you like/love? Let me know at the comments section below.


PS: I just learned what happened to Opinionated Man’s website and I am really sad at what happened. Though I honestly am not aware of the whole story but I really miss reading his blogs. I owe him as to why I decided to start blogging and also he had helped me and my blog gained followers. I really hope he would go back online again.


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