Mistine BB Cream Review

Hello Sweethearts!

This is the first ever BB cream that I had and so I decided to give it a review. I don’t use foundations because my skin tends to breakout each time that I use them.

What I love about BB cream is that it is an all in one product, moisturizer, sun screen, foundation, make up base, whitening, brightening, etc. I’ve bought Mistine BB cream as my foundation alternative and because at that time it is the cheapest BB cream I could find out in the market.

Mistine BB Wonder Cream:

What I like:

  1. It feels lighter on my skin compare to the foundation that I used before.
  2. It didn’t breakout on me.
  3. It has SPF 30.
  4. Since the cream is light weight it is buildable if necessary.
  5. It is cheap; I bought mine at Php 250 or about $6.

What I don’t like about it:

  1. It doesn’t stay long. I have combination skin but mostly oily skin most especially during summer. After just two hours it melts.
  2. It not good in oil control. I get all shiny after a few hours even if you used powder to set it.
  3. It leaves a grayish color on my face after a few hours.
  4. It only comes in one shade which is best for those people who had fair skin.
  5. It does not cover up acne scars.

Overall thoughts:

Mistine BB Wonder Cream is great for people who had normal or dry skin. Before buying this product I have read beautiful review regarding this product but somehow it reacted differently on me. I hate that it leaves a grayish color on my face after a few hours. I use this BB cream on times when I just need to run errands or times that I won’t stay out too long.

Would I purchase this again?

No, since I am a lazy person and with the type of skin I have, I needed something that can last long.

Have you tried Mistine BB Wonder Cream before? What were your thoughts about it?



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