Battle Unknown by cailee

I joined a war not knowing what I’m fighting for

I went into a battle with an obscure outcome

I was given armor and sword

And quickly thrown into the battlefield

Now, I am deeply wounded, bleeding interminably

Unsure if I could survive another day

My body slowly getting numb; weakening every second

I lay on the ground and knew I was on my own

Part of me wanted to drop my sword and surrender

Wanting to come running home and live

The other part wants to fight back

Not wanting to retreat and unafraid to die

Should I continue to fight this battle like a brave knight

Willing to give his life to win a war

Or should I simply surrender like a coward knave

Frightened to lose his life on a battle

I know I must fight this battle on my own

It is a combat that no one else can fight for me

If I face retreat I will never learn

And know what the outcome will be

I cry for a little while then hide my tears

I slowly stood up ignoring the excessive pain I felt

Win or lose, I know I am a hero on my own

Coz I was able to face the toughest battle… LIFE



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