Heartaches and Forgiveness

Living and loving boldly is the best armour you can wear while being yourself and loving yourself let you find happiness and peacefulness. Forgiving the person who hurt you even when they haven’t asked for forgiveness will never change the past but it will set your heart free from anger, hatred and resentment.

I have learnt so much from my previous heartache; I have learnt about love and compassion; to be myself and to love myself; to forgive and let go of anger and hatred. Though my previous heartache became a terrible nightmare I just know I will be able to get over it in God’s time. It takes time for a wound to heal most especially if it broke you to millions of pieces. But even so, I should never give up hope and trust God that He will help me get through this tough times and make me a stronger and better person. I won’t let that horrible experience stop me from becoming a much better and stronger person, to find happiness, to live my life courageously, to love unconditionally, to be myself and love myself.

I had also learnt to forgive the person whom I trusted my heart to only to end up breaking it to millions of pieces. I forgive him even though he hasn’t ask for forgiveness. Holding onto anger, hatred and resentment would only hold you down and prevent you to find happiness and inner peace. As they say if you really love someone set that person free but most of all forgive him for all the pain he has cause you. Also, acknowledge within yourself that you also did some mistakes and also cause pain to the person you love and if you can ask for forgiveness even if he doesn’t accept it at least you already was able to clear your conscience.

Never be afraid to face the world just because he/she left you. It’s not the end of the world. It will still continue to revolve around the sun; the sun will still rise every morning. Remember that it’s your choice if you want to remain in the past or move on to the future where there are great opportunities waiting for you. Do not let a failed relationship control you and destroy your future. Every one of us goes through heartaches but make it as a lesson learned and mold it to your advantage.




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