Learn to Let Go

Giving up is never an option. But there comes a point in your life when you need to learn to let go.

No matter what age, race, class, gender, etc there will come some points in our life when we simply want to give up. One thing we must remember is that no matter how tragic your life has been or no matter how awful your experiences are we must never give up. We need to strive harder until we reach our goals. The experiences that we encounter in life are lessons that we must learn in order to help or prepare us for our journey ahead. We become better or worst depending on how you handle each and every situation that comes your way. But one thing for sure we become a much stronger person with each obstacle that we were able to survive. You need not have to prove yourself to anyone; but you need to prove to yourself that you are able to learn something and that lesson had made you stronger and a much better person.

But sometimes we need to think things over, see if the thing or person we are fighting for is worth that fight. Is it still worth it or are you just wasting your precious time for someone or something that doesn’t deserve all the sacrifices for. Let go but only to the things that doesn’t deserve to be fighting for. Yes, giving up should never be an option but if you see yourself not moving forward or if that certain thing or person is pulling you down then it doesn’t deserve to be in your life. Let it go, set it free and move forward with your life. Remember when we close a door in our life it doesn’t mean that everything else will close. You’ll never know you might end up with something much bigger and brighter tomorrow.



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