Fan Love by Cailee

It started the first time I saw you on TV

I never fan girl over someone before

There’s something about you

That I simply can’t take my eyes off


I wanted to know more about you

So, I did some research

Read some articles about you

Then I became one of your biggest fans


I watched all your shows

Bought albums that you recorded

Photos and posters of you on my wall

I was hypnotized by you


It just doesn’t make any sense

You were like a magnet

I was hopelessly attracted to you

Never expect I’d feel this way


In millions of fans screaming your name

Each trying to buy your attention

I would probably be invincible

I am just a fan and you are a superstar


Me and you ending up together

Is a fairytale with no happy ending

Crazy as it may sound

I’ve fallen for someone I never met


What is it that you have

That even if you are thousands of miles away

My mind can’t stop thinking of you

My heart keeps longing for you



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