Lately, I have been trying to learn how to bake from cookies to cupcakes, etc. But so far baking doesn’t seem to like me at all. I started with cupcakes but it turns out to be a bit on the “crunchy’ side that you can almost mistake it to be a cookie. Well, don’t get me wrong I love cookies but then I am making cupcake, right? So, I decided to try and bake cookies instead, who know I might get lucky, right? I was wrong it turned out to be soft almost like a bread! I really don’t know what I have been doing wrong. I mean, I have been following the instructions on the recipe but then why is it not turning out well?

Aside from the fact that I love eating, I am also planning on opening a small cupcake shop that is the reason why I am trying hard to learn to bake. But I won’t give up ( I think…); I would give myself lots of chances before finally say “I quit” on baking. I just hope I would be able to bake even just cookies but if not and baking is really not for me then it is fine; most important part is that at least I did try and did my best to learn. ^___^

Til next time!


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