Try and Try

It had been over a week since the start of the bed weather here due to the typhoons and I am totally loving it! Yes, I am being selfish but don’t get me wrong; if you’re living in a tropical country where the weather can get really scorching hot you would know what I mean.

Anyways, after much struggle to get my baking skills working (if I have any). Never knew baking could be this hard, Martha Stewart make it look like it’s the easiest thing to do or learn in this world. Finally, I was able to produce something presentable and edible baked goody. Yes, after too much effort exerted and almost ready to admit defeat, I was finally been able to do it. Okay, I exaggerated it a little. But it is true I was about to give up hope and admit that baking will never be for me. Presenting, my first ever masterpiece…. Carrot Cupcake…

It is true that you would never know what you’re capable of if you give up early. There are simply things that you won’t be able to get easily. If you give up with just a couple of tries then you haven’t exerted enough effort to know if you really can make it. I would practice some more for I know there are a lot of things I need to improve on. But for now, let me savor this moment of victory… ^_^


Much Love,


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