Beauty Blender Dupe not a review

Happy New Year to everyone!

My beauty blender dupe was purchased 2 years ago if I am not mistaken for Php 88.00 or $ 1.87 at Daiso store; but I was only able to use it recently when my sister asked me to do her makeup for their company Christmas party. I’ve heard a lot of great stuffs about the original beauty blender but since it really is quite expensive here I resorted to purchasing this dupe hoping it would be somehow have similar results.

I honestly was not disappointed since it did give out great results; though I really haven’t tried the original one. I could only do comparison according to what I’ve read from the reviews.

The dupe cost way much cheaper but the results are for me the best so far. It did give out that airbrush finish. I’ve also used it to apply blush and loose powder which gave the effect of natural looking glow to my sister. I was not able to do some pictures for sh was already in a hurry.

Why did I waited 2 years before I opened the beauty blender dupe? Well, to be honest I am lazy applying makeup on my face since in my logical reasoning I would end up removing it at the end of the day.

Will I purchase it again? Definitely if Daiso would be really kind enough to restock it.. I’ve been going back to Daiso for almost a month now since I really love the result of the beauty blender I purchased from them but they said it ran out of stock 3 months ago and still unsure if the management would reorder from the supplier.

I just hope I would be able to find another dupe of the beauty blender that would really give a nice result coz I am really loving it so far and is now part of my daily routine.

Til next time…



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