Out of the Blue

I thought I was able to move on from my ex, I realized that I still love him and wants him back when he started reaching out to me again. I assumed he also felt the same that he realized he loves me because of the sweet messages he kept on sending but I was wrong. Just like before he simply wants to play with my feelings. He’s selfish, arrogant and mean but even if he loves to see me in pain I still love him.

I did crazy things over the past few months hoping he would come back to me or even realized I am the woman for him but that didn’t work. He still owes me money that when I asked him to pay so I could start a new life he doesn’t want to pay. Why did I even fall in love with someone who doesn’t know how to appreciate the good things I’ve done for him or simply just reciprocate the love that I am giving him. I never ask for any material things from him all I asked was for his attention and love was that too much? I know that whenever I get hurt I nagged too much and I am seriously doing something about it but even so do I deserved to be treated like trash and played with?

Right now, all I want is to totally forget him everything about him including the feelings I have for him. I want to start a new life without the pain, suffering and trauma I experienced from him. How I wish this works like magic. One swoosh and everything disappears.



2 responses to “Out of the Blue

  1. I just went through it two years ago, I promise it will get better it just sucks to get to that point.

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