Who Am I by cailee

Who am I?

A simple question with a difficult answer

A question that sounds so stupid

A question that no one ever dares to ask themselves


Who am I?

I am a nobody from a stranger’s perspective

A daughter, a sister to my family

An alien from outer space who’s been living in this crazy world


Who am I?

I am a person who commits a lot of mistakes in life;

A really clumsy person who often gets into an accident

A simple person who is slowly losing her sanity


What is my real name?

No one even bothers to ask

No one ever wants to listen

No one really cares


Who am I?

I might be here today but gone tomorrow

I do not need to hide for no one seeks

People just tends to quickly judge me without getting to know me


Who am I?

A great actor who portrays different role with the whole world as my stage

A frustrated singer who held concerts within the four walls of the bathroom

A struggling writer who composed nonsense crap


Who am I?

I am a person who in spite of all the terrible things happened to me still manages to stand up

A person whom after all her life living in the darkness was able to see the light

A person who is striving to start a new life, to have a second chance in life


Disclaimer: Photo used came from Google


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