It Doesn’t Matter

It does not matter what mistakes, craziness or failures you did in the past; what matters most is that you were able to learn from it, move on and change for the better and not for the worst. Every day is a chance to change your life.

In life mistakes, failures, and doing crazy things is all part of learning process. It does not matter what we did in the past; do not dwell on the past for you won’t be able to change it no matter how hard you try so long as we are able to learn, move on and change all the negative personalities that we have. If you fall it is okay to cry and get hurt but remember to stand up and keep going. The reason that we are still living and breathing is so we can continue with life and change for the better. Be thankful that you were given the chance to learn and correct the mistakes.

I often forget about this most especially with everything that had happened to me. My life had been a roller coaster ride and really was not all great. Younger years, I have been bullied, when I was able to work I am still being bullied and taken for granted by people. I honestly, hated my life to a certain point that I committed suicide. I did a lot of wrong decisions, failures and crazy things until now I still do it. But the difference with me now is that I can somehow see the positive things. I am now more thankful that God did not allow me to take my life at the time that I try to kill myself because looking back now those ugly experiences that I have made me a much stronger person. I am not perfect and I had committed mistakes and I know will commit more in the future. I know I have a lot of negative personalities but I am slowly changing them to help me become a much better person.

So, if you’re in an ugly situation now; don’t lose hope. Think of it as challenges that you must win; in the end, you will be thankful that you had overcome those¬†challenges because it will mold you as a person.



Disclaimer: Photo taken from Google


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