The Right Pair

All my life I’ve been searching for the right pair of shoes;

I would search every aisle of stores and everywhere but to no success.

I would try on different pairs but it feels not right

I bought one that I thought would be a fit,

Turns out to be too small so I have to let it go.
I got another pair that fits so well,
But it doesn’t seem to go well with my any of my clothes
I got another but I lost one pair

So I have no choice but to let go of the other
One time I thought I found the perfect pair

But it got broken when I crossed a rough road
I love this pair because it’s comfortable
I tried to get it repaired

But each time I need to cross a rough road

It would it would get broken

Until such time that it left me no choice but to give it up

I am losing hope in finding the right pair for me

Would I ever find the right one or simply give up?

The above short story was actually part of a dream I had recently while in the process of mending my broken heart. When I woke up, I realized that, finding the right pair of shoes is similar to finding love. You would try on different pairs which for me are somewhat like dating; you can date as many guys as you want until you are able to feel that it is the right one for you.  Buying a pair of shoes is somewhat similar to getting into a relationship (atleast that’s how I look at it). You would think it is the right one but somewhere along the road things would get nasty and would end up letting go or simply giving up.


Would I ever find the love that I’m searching for or should I simply forget about it?


Disclaimer: Photo used came from Google


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