3 Reasons Partnering With Dream Big is a Monster of a Value!

Dream Big Dream Often is one of the blogs that had helped my blog gain followers, views and exposures. It had helped my blog a lot and I had learned so much from him. I really owe Danny big time. That’s why I know that partnering with Dream Big Dream Often would be a great opportunity for new bloggers and also those who would want to gain more followers and/or views.


Dream Big, Dream Often

always dream big orlando espinosa

So here is what I am proposing for those interested in helping support my work here on Dream Big.  For a sponsorship of $45 you will receive 3 levels of exposure for your page: a clickable 200 x 200 logo in my sidebar, a link listing in my Sponsors Featured Bloggers segment once per week and your blog logo (200 x 200) linking to your page from a page header titled “Dream Big Partners.”

A partnership will entitle you to 3 months (90 days) of exposure on my page in all 3 areas.  Along with these benefits I will encourage my readers to visit sponsors’ pages and will throw in the occasional reblog (when subject and timing is appropriate).  This will be an extension of the work I have been doing for the last 1 1/2 years of helping to promote other’s pages, but this will be the first time…

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