I first heard about strobing while browsing Youtube and came across Kim Kardashian video tutorial about it. Strobing is basically highlighting. It is the opposite of contouring.  I like strobing better than contouring simply because strobing gives you that dewy, healthy, youthful glow. Plus,  it is friendlier or much easier to do than contouring most especially for beginners. Also, whenever I try to do contouring on my face it kinda ends up looking “muddy.” This technique is used to enhance the natural features of your face.

Things to consider when highlighting your face:

  1. Moisturize face. It is very important to moisturize face before everything else, remember that strobing is all about glowy, healthy skin.
  2. Highlighter used must be one that compliments your skin tone.
  3. Highlight only the areas that catch light; cheekbones and your temples or the “C” area , bridge of your nose, below the brow bone , cupid’s bow.
  4. Make sure to blend, blend, blend.
  5. Avoid over doing it and use with light hand to avoid the “greasy” “sweaty” look on your face especially during summer time.

Kim K. Youtube video tutorial on strobing. (Note: I am not a fan of Kim Karadashian nor am I promoting her. It just that this video has a thorough explanation on how to do strobing.)

Have you tried doing this technique?


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