I Am My Own Critique

I am my own critique;  who are you to judge me?

You need not have to say mean things to me

You don’t know me or what I’ve been through in life

Who gave you the right to accused me?

Were you there when I was going through the rough patches in my life?

Did you feel what I felt during my struggles in life?

All the pain and agony; the trauma and phobia

This is my life; this is what I’ve become

I often made wrong decisions;

Terrible mistakes and hurt people’s feelings

I am not perfect, I am only human

Is there anyone who has not done the same?

Was there someone who was born perfect?

I am my own critique; I do not need you to treat me like trash

I know myself more than anyone else

If there were someone who has all the right to criticize me

It would be me, myself and I



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