# Stop Bullying

Being a victim of bullying is not a laughing matter; hard to admit but I , myself is a victim. Being bullied almost all my life really made a huge impact in my life. One reason I grew up to have so much hatred, jealous and insecurities in me. I grew up to be cold-hearted, a loner and with trust issues. It felt like the world was against me thus the reason why I became suicidal. Even when I was already working I still experienced bullying. It took me a long time to have the courage to step up fight for myself. And until now I am still trying to build myself, to have confidence in me and to fight not to become my old self again.

Though bullying is more often treated as kids’ problem; an adult can also be a victim of bullying (ie gay bullying, disability bullying, workplace bullying, political bullying et al). There are many types of bullying; physical, verbal, relational and cyber.

To the bullies, I am just curious, what can you gain from intimidating other people? What can you gain from using force just to get what you want? How can you sleep at night knowing that you made someone’s life miserable? Have you found peace and happiness by making fun of someone? Why do you feel the need to have power over people?

It is said those who bully others are those who have problems of their own. It can be that they have insecurities, experienced traumatic and stressful situation, difficult home life or had experienced bullying. They needed as outlet thus the reason they need to have control over other people or situation. But does that give anyone the right to hurt or abuse someone? Do you have that much pain and hatred inside of you that you want to see other people suffer as well?

Those people who had experiences of being bullied before why not try to help those people who are being bullied? You already know the feeling of being bullied so why not give a helping hand and reach out instead of adding up to the wounds?

To the victims of bullying learn to speak up and fight for your rights. Do not push people away or distance yourself just because you felt like you are the worst person in the world. No, killing yourself is not the solution to your problem. It is ok to feel pain, it is ok to have problem, and it is ok to cry. If you need time to be alone do it; but remember to go back to those people who love you and cares for you. Do not let hatred get over you.

Each individual has different story to tell but one thing we have in common is that we will all go through rough paths in our lives. It’s the way life is; no such thing as perfect life and no shortcuts to take. We all feel pain and we suffer while living you do not need to add in and make people more miserable.

We don’t know what difficulty a person is going through in life; a person can be smiling from the outside but slowly dying from the inside. Don’t wait until someone reaches their breaking point that they decide to take away their life just to end their misery. So before you try to make fun of someone or start tormenting people, try to get to know them and be a person who helps rather than a bully.


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