Bullying for me is like cancer, it has been there for years yet we still have not found a real cure for it. It starts out small and eventually would become bigger and bigger as it spreads out until such time that it takes away our lives (mentally and physically).

It is easy to say stop bullying but once we witness it and/or is happening in front of us we sometimes pretend we did not see it or just move on with what we are doing. Why? Simple, because we are afraid to be in that same situation, to be the victim of bullying. We are afraid to get into trouble maybe because as kids we were taught to stay out of trouble. We are afraid that the bully themselves would turn to us and start to hit back at us or worst our loved ones.

It is easy for people to say “just speak out” or “learn to stand up” but if you were in the victims’ shoes you would know how hard it is to do so. Knowing that if we do ‘speak out’ and/or ‘stand up’ could cause further consequences. Victims are afraid to ‘stand up’ or ‘speak up’ because they know something much worst can happen to them or their loved ones. They can’t talk to their parents about it or their close friends because they do not want their loved ones to worry about them and/or add up to the list of things that their loved ones are worrying about.

How do we really stop bullying when the people who we look up to are the bullies themselves? How to stop bullying if the persons who should be teaching us are also bullies? How do we stop bullying if what we see on TV or on the net are forms of bullying? These goes to the children, they are so easy to manipulate; the things they see grownups or people around them do they imitate it and without proper guidance they would easily think that it is the right thing to do.

It is easy to say to stop bullying or to talk about stopping it but people who must lead a good example or those we idolized are doing the wrong things; showing how they treat people, how they talk to other people. Children or adults can easily turn into a bully because they know for a fact that it is being tolerated by the society itself. And reality check, we all have a bully side, we might not notice it but once or twice we might have been a bully to someone though not intentionally or maybe intentionally.

Victims of bullying should not let this ruin your life. I know how hard it is to find someone who would listen, who would help but there is someone who would. I know it may seem impossible but do not lose hope for one day it will be better. Do not seek revenge because if you do you are in no different than the person who is bullying you. Make your current situation as a way for you to become a better version of yourself. Trust me, if you let this ruin your life it will not get you anywhere.



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