Daily Face Care Routine


I believe that the one commitment that we will never regret is taking care of our skin most especially our face. It is really important that we take care of the kin to avoid premature wrinkles. I did a post before in my skin care routine here. This post is just an update on my face care routine. I use different products in the morning and evening.

Morning routine

  1. Washing face removes dirt and oil from the face.

Morning routine for washing my face is really simple, I just wash my face and neck using a mild soap.

  1. Toner helps in balancing the skin pH levels and prep the skin to absorb other skin care treatments.

After washing my face, I sprinkle some toner on my hand and tap it on my face and neck.

  1. Moisturizing cream with SPF this helps the skin to be hydrated, soft, glowing and protect the skin. The SPF will protect the skin from sun’s harmful rays.

I simply pat the moisturizer on my face and neck. The past few months we had been experiencing cold weather and my skin has been dry so I am using Olay Total Effects as it really moisturize my skin. But I use a different cream during summer as using Olay in summer makes my face looks oily.

Night routine

  1. Makeup remover and cleansing oil gets rid of makeup, dirt and other impurities.

Using  wipes I remove makeup, lipstick and other dirt on my face. Using my fingers in gentle circular motion I use cleansing oil to massage and clean off stubborn makeup residue.

  1. Washing face removes dirt and oil from face.

I wash my face using deep cleansing Foam at night. It helps me to wash away excess dirt and makeup on face.

  1. Toner to soften or refresh the skin and keeps it hydrated.

At night, I sprinkle some on my hand and tap it on my face and neck.

  1. Serum helps in fading sunspots, brighten skin and smooth out fine lines.

Apply serum the same way toner was applied just tap it away.

  1. Eye Cream is use to hydrate and protect the skin around the eyes since it is the most delicate.

I apply Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone Wrinkle Eye Cream under my eyes and this helps eliminate the dark circle under my eyes.

  1. Moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated and protected, sealing all the work from other steps.

At night I use aloe gel in patting motion.

  1. Do not forget the lips!

Apply petroleum jelly on lips to keep it soft and hydrated. Lips are still skin, right?

Weekly routine

  1. Exfoliate removes dead skin cell and leaves skin soft.

I exfoliate my skin at least twice a month. If my skin is dry and patchy I exfoliate once a week.

  1. Masks helps skin to absorb the nutrients and moisture better than just applying cream or serum.

I apply mask or peel off mask at least once a week.

I have been doing this face care routine for the past two or three months and had help my skin look better and helps reduced some of my fine lines. The products mentioned above are products that I have been using and can be altered according to what is available or suits you. What is your daily face care routine?



Disclaimer: All products mentioned and or in the photos are personally bought or given to me as gifts.


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  1. This is a very good and important routine! Thank you for sharing!

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