My Junks and Sweets

Warning: This post is not healthy

Every once in a while it never hurts to indulge or give into your guilty pleasures. I love to cook and also to eat but sometimes I would over eat most especially when eating my favorite junks and sweets like:

Choco Mallows

Hot Choco

Jelly in Lychee flavor


Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pepero (Chocolate Dip Pretzels)

Chocolate (Preferably Dark Choco)

who can resist?

Ice Cream

Instant Noodles

Lay’s Potato Chips

Choco Cupcake

These are just some junks and sweets that I love to indulge or sometimes crave for especially when I am feeling down or if it is that time of the month.  It does not hurt to indulge in these kind of food but you need to know when to stop. As they say too much of these can cause some major health issues. Just remember to balance everything out.

What are the junks and sweets that you indulge?



6 responses to “My Junks and Sweets

  1. You may treat yourself with ‘junk’ food from time to time. I am glad I found your site and will be checking you out to see what else you share ,

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  2. Hi Lee, junk food is okay for indulging yourself. Everyone needs that sometimes. I’m stilling checking out more of your posts. I left you my link already!

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