My Trio Fur Babies

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to introduce you to the three rascals in the house. I’ve been an animal lover all my life, well, most particularly dogs and cats. The first pet I had was a dog which my dad bought for me after giving him a tantrum (I know, not a good thing to do. Hehe). I have been an animal lover but never got the chance to talk about them.

I have three Shih tzu dogs, who if together can really be a menace. First menace would be Ziggy.

He is nine years old and was given to me by my mom as a present. He went blind due to eye operations (both eyes) trying to save me from the bigger dog that was owned by my uncle. In his defence my dog was just trying to protect me because the bigger dog was going to bite me. Ziggy is the oldest among the three, when he was young he diagnosed to have a parvo disease and I was told by his doctor that he might not survived (but luckily he did.) He can be really stubborn (I guess he got that from me), loves to sleep, eat and sleeps again. When he was still able to see he loves to play fetch and loves to ride cars. He also know how to open the sliding door if he needs to pee or poo. He doesn’t love to cuddle, in fact he hates it when I go and cuddle him, he would kick me (literally). He is not afraid of anything, a real protector even though he is small. He does not like taking baths.

Second little furry monster would be Cassey.

She is three years old. We bought her as a wife for Ziggy. She has the almost similar personality as Ziggy. She is really stubborn, loves to play fetch and loves to run around and play with Codie and Ziggy. Unlike Ziggy, Cassey is a very affectionate girl. She loves cuddles and kisses. She always do cute stuffs after she did something bad (like when she peed on the couch) she would approach me to have her tummy rub and would do all sorts of cute things. That’s when I know that she did something she’s not supposed to do. She loves to sit on the couch. A very brave girl, she is not afraid to bite whenever we have people that is a total stranger to her. Just like Ziggy, she hates baths.

Third little rascal I want to introduce is Codie.

Codie is same age as Cassey. They were bought separately, the real plan was to just buy Cassey but when we saw him we just couldn’t resist. He loves to play with Cassey and is much more stubborn than Ziggy and Cassey. He loves to show affection and loves to be cuddled. He would always do the things you tell him not to do. Always. Hates the bath so much and playing fetch. Unlike Ziggy and Cassey this lil fella is very friendly to strangers. He doesn’t bark or bite strangers.

I guess, common denominator of my fur babies are they hate taking baths, they hate the VET, really stubborn, they love going to their groomer, loves tummy rub, they are all a menace but most of all I love all three of them.



One response to “My Trio Fur Babies

  1. Lovely guys! 😀
    Aww… Thanks! ^_^

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