Woman… I am

Each time a woman stands up for herself… she stands up for all women – J.K. Rowling

Even though the issue had been there for a long time; women still receives unfair treatment. Rape, murder, sexual abuse, violence are just some examples of crime against women which are still noticeable. Many still believe that us women are weak and cannot or will not survive on our own. That the only place we are good at is at home. We are seldom valued for our brains and abilities and often times looked at as sex objects.

Though I do not have any hatred or anger issues against men, I really hate it whenever I see more opportunities rising up or being given to them than to us. I need to ask what are the capabilities and qualities of a man that a woman does not have? Surely, we are capable of doing things that are tagged as ‘man’s job.’ We are not trying to compete against men and we are not trying to intimidate them either but just an equal opportunity and equal treatment.

It is also heart-breaking for me to see that some of the females are to blame for the inequality that we are receiving. Instead of helping fight for equal or fair treatment some would women would pull another down out of hatred and jealousy. We should be helping each other and not destroy each other due to our selfish desires.

We are living in a modern era but the way some of us think is still somehow primitive. We must understand that in the world we are living at is evolving and women can rise on top if only given a chance to showcase their potentials.

As a woman, I am fearless, I am independent, I am strong, I am loyal, I am a protector, I am lovable, I am a survivor, I am a leader, I am who I am and what I want to be and I stand up for my right.



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