Your Vet is Your Friend

When you decide to take care of a pet, you also need to remember that he or she is already part of the family. And so, as part of the family health is an important part and is your responsibility to keep your pets in perfect condition. Choosing the right vet will help you keep your furry friend in healthy condition.

One important thing in choosing a vet is someone who is also a pet lover because a vet basically is an animal doctor so they must enjoy the company of animals. Why pet lover? Well, simple if your vet is a pet lover you will be sure that your fur baby will be in good hands.

Second is your vet should not be after your money. Another reason why I want my vet to be a pet lover. Vet fees are not cheap and if you landed on a vet that is only after your money then I think you should have second thoughts. Some vets would tell you that there is a problem with your pet and that you need to buy this or that just so you’d spend more than what you should.

Third location of the clinic should be somewhere near your place so that in case of emergency situation it is easy for you to bring your beloved fur baby in to the clinic. Would be a plus factor if your vet can do house call.

Fourth they should be friendly and ready to answer any question you have in mind. If your pet encounters any problem your vet can help you a lot and would be the best one to answer any question that you have.

Fifth if it doesn’t feel right don’t be afraid to find other vet. When you go to a vet for your fur babies check-up you’re putting their life in your vet. So, if you think something is wrong don’t be afraid to get another opinion.

So, these are for me some of the important factor in choosing the right vet for your fur baby. I consider myself lucky that I found a great vet. Believe it or not if it wasn’t for him Ziggy would have did a long time ago. He had saved Ziggy’s life numerous times now. Remember it’s your responsibility to keep your fur babies in healthy condition.

What are your factors in finding a good vet?


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