What is Self-Care?

I remember growing up, I was always told that I was not good enough, was not beautiful because I was fat, was always compared to my older and younger sister, I was a loner and bullied at school. During those times I felt useless and totally hated myself and questioned my existence. I was really in the dark, I was hurt, and I have no one to talk to.

A lot of times I couldn’t bear the things that are happening to me, I would lock myself in my room and tried to kill myself by wrist cutting but only to wake up the next day with cuts on my wrist then needed to pretend that nothing happened.

Looking back to it now, I never had any memory of me being happy. I was totally naïve that I was going through depression, all I know at that time is that I was stresses and going through a very rough path, that I have given up in life and all I want to do is end my sufferings.

Stress can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, race or status. It has a negative impact in our health, body, mind and spirit. Ironically, stress like air we breathe has been part of our daily life that we tend to turn a blind eye in dealing with stress. We tend to let it be, not talk about it or simply ignore it not knowing that it can get worst.

Long-term stress can lead to anxiety and depression or other mental health issues. Mental health issues are never a laughing matter as it may lead to addiction, substance abuse, eating disorders, panic attacks and worst death.

Self-care is one way to deal when dealing with stress, it is basically care that you provide for yourself. It is the act of taking time each day to nurture yourself or do some activities that will make you feel good. Self-care is necessary to help you enhance health and well-being and manage stress in your daily life.


When you are feeling that you are on the verge of freaking out or having a bad day or the feeling of not being able to take control of your life. Remember it is okay to take a deep breath, relax, and find time to pamper yourself, talk to someone or take a vacation. Even as simple as taking a 15 minute break from what you are doing would be a great help in taking care of yourself.


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