Welcome, Beach!

Hello, pretty Sunshine!

So, it summer time here in the Philippines and to some who knows me it’s that time of the year that I hated the most. No offense to those who love this season, but I just really never like being sticky, smelly and the freaking hot weather.

Anyhoo, enough about me, I decided to write this post after watching several travel shows that showcases some of the Philippine travel destinations. I do admit, that even though I was born and raise here in the Philippines, I am not proud to say that I never knew that Philippines has so much to offer for tourist destinations, most especially the beaches.

Just a quick trivia, the Philippine archipelago comprises of more than 7, 641 islands, it depends if it is high tide or low tide. And only 2,000 islands are inhabited by people.


So for this post let me take you to the beautiful island of Coron, Palawan. Palawan has always been one of the favourite destination by beach goers. I personally never been to Palawan but I have heard a lot of beautiful things about it.

Photo credit to the owner. No copyright infringement intended

Palawan is the largest province in the country, it lies between South China Sea and Sulu Sea. The island itself has a lot of tourist attraction to offer but for this particular post I will focus with Coron. For me not to bore you with explanations, I have attached videos from Youtube that unveils the secrets of Coron, Palawan.

Credit to the owners of the two videos. No copyright infringement intended.

There are two ways to get to Coron, Palawan; by air and by ferry boat. By air, Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines both offers flights going to Palawan and by ferry the only one I was able to find was 2go travel.

Where would your next travel destination be?

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