My Summer Daily Beauty Essentials

Summer here in the Philippines can be really scorching hot, that’s the reason why for me fresh face is a must. I am very much into the makeup free look for this season. Some of my beauty essentials for this season include:

  • Sunscreen – with the scorching hot weather you should never leave your house without any sunscreen on.
  • Aloe Vera Gel –I am obsessed with aloe gel, why not, it is an all around beauty essential
  • Petroleum Jelly – this is what I use for my lips
  • Olive Oil – I started using olive oil just recently just to help lighten my dark spots on my face though it didn’t lighten my dark spots, it helps moisturize my skin also great for hair
  • Body Lotion – to moisturize the whole body
  • Facial Mist – refresh, hydrates, restore and tones face, also helps to extend the wear of makeup on hot summer days
  • Water – for me this should be part of any beauty essential all year round; it cools you down and hydrates your body.

So, for me these are my summer must haves. I would not want to wear any makeup on my face during hot weather except when needed but usually no makeup at all.

What is your summer beauty essential? Let me know at the comment section below.

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