Your Pet Groomer is also Your Friend

Aside from your vet your groomer should also be your friend. Shih tzu is the breed of my dogs, by nature they have long hair. Even though I love my babies I tend to be lazy on combing their hair. So, going to the pet groomer is a must or they will end up having tangled hair which can really be irritating and messy to look at.

I usually bring them to the groomer at least twice a year since having your pet groomed here in the Philippines can be pricey but worth it anything to keep my babies pretty and happy. Besides, it is part of your responsibility to keep your babies clean and well-groomed at all times.

During the summer season, I always make sure they are bald, this is not to punish them but to ensure that they do not suffer from heat stroke as I had said before summer here in the Philippines can be extremely hot. And dogs that have long furs tend to suffer so much during summer.

How to choose the right groomer? Just like how I chose my vet I make sure that the owner of the parlor is a pet lover and that the ones handling my dogs are well-trained. There had been instances here in the Philippines where the dog’s tongue was accidentally cut by the groomer. I would never want that to happen to any of my babies. Also, there’s nothing wrong in asking for recommendations or doing a research, right? After all, a well-groomed pooch is a happy and pretty pooch, right? And if your babies are happy so are you.

How many times do you take your pets to the groomer?


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