Go Out…Make Up

Hello lovely dolls, it’s the month of June, my birth month! And also start of the rainy season here in the Philippines.

Anywho, something that never goes out style when it comes to make up trend would be the “no makeup’ look. I know that during the summer season I never put makeup on simply because it really makes my face sticky at the end of the day. So, for the month of June since there will be a need for me to talk to people face to face I decided to doll up a little just to look a little bit presentable.

  1. Start off with clean face. Always start off with clean face when putting on makeup. This will make you put your makeup much easier and also for hygiene purposes.
  2. Apply toner then moisturizer on face.
  3. Apply BB cream all over face, if you want more coverage apply concealer on areas that need coverage.
  4. Apply cream blush at the apple of the cheeks.
  5. Don’t forget to draw your brows!
  6. Using translucent powder, powder the T-zones of your face or where you usually gets oily.
  7. Apply mascara and lipstick.

Some of the products that I used:


Yes, I am aware that the makeup trend for this year is on brighter side but I really prefer the barely there makeup look. What makeup look do you prefer?





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