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The One

You are the one that makes me happy The one that makes me feel special The one that taught me life is meaningful The one that taught me how to love The one that gave me strength when I am … Continue reading


Memories are treasured gems;

It is kept deep inside ones heart.

Some can make you smile,

Some can make you cry.

Memories are to be remembered

and not to be forgotten

Things in life may vanish.

But memories can never be taken away from you


I Am My Own Critique

I am my own critique;  who are you to judge me?

You need not have to say mean things to me

You don’t know me or what I’ve been through in life

Who gave you the right to accused me?

Were you there when I was going through the rough patches in my life?

Did you feel what I felt during my struggles in life?

All the pain and agony; the trauma and phobia

This is my life; this is what I’ve become

I often made wrong decisions;

Terrible mistakes and hurt people’s feelings

I am not perfect, I am only human

Is there anyone who has not done the same?

Was there someone who was born perfect?

I am my own critique; I do not need you to treat me like trash

I know myself more than anyone else

If there were someone who has all the right to criticize me

It would be me, myself and I



What is that roaring sound I hear?

It keeps me awake every night

It starts of low and slowly gets so loud

I try to cover my ears with pillows

But the sound simply past through

I search high, I search low,

Until I find where the noise comes from

Oh, dear furry friend, if only you knew,

How loud you snore

My, oh, my! Will I ever be able to sleep?

I don’t have the heart to wake you up

And ask you to leave

What can I do you are too cute and sweet

I can’t help but wonder,

How a small adorable being

Can produce a sound so loud and disturbing

Don’t worry I still love you

That will never change

even if at nights you prevent me from sleeping

The Right Pair

All my life I’ve been searching for the right pair of shoes;

I would search every aisle of stores and everywhere but to no success.

I would try on different pairs but it feels not right

I bought one that I thought would be a fit,

Turns out to be too small so I have to let it go.
I got another pair that fits so well,
But it doesn’t seem to go well with my any of my clothes
I got another but I lost one pair

So I have no choice but to let go of the other
One time I thought I found the perfect pair

But it got broken when I crossed a rough road
I love this pair because it’s comfortable
I tried to get it repaired

But each time I need to cross a rough road

It would it would get broken

Until such time that it left me no choice but to give it up

I am losing hope in finding the right pair for me

Would I ever find the right one or simply give up?

The above short story was actually part of a dream I had recently while in the process of mending my broken heart. When I woke up, I realized that, finding the right pair of shoes is similar to finding love. You would try on different pairs which for me are somewhat like dating; you can date as many guys as you want until you are able to feel that it is the right one for you.  Buying a pair of shoes is somewhat similar to getting into a relationship (atleast that’s how I look at it). You would think it is the right one but somewhere along the road things would get nasty and would end up letting go or simply giving up.


Would I ever find the love that I’m searching for or should I simply forget about it?


Disclaimer: Photo used came from Google

Who Am I by cailee

Who am I?

A simple question with a difficult answer

A question that sounds so stupid

A question that no one ever dares to ask themselves


Who am I?

I am a nobody from a stranger’s perspective

A daughter, a sister to my family

An alien from outer space who’s been living in this crazy world


Who am I?

I am a person who commits a lot of mistakes in life;

A really clumsy person who often gets into an accident

A simple person who is slowly losing her sanity


What is my real name?

No one even bothers to ask

No one ever wants to listen

No one really cares


Who am I?

I might be here today but gone tomorrow

I do not need to hide for no one seeks

People just tends to quickly judge me without getting to know me


Who am I?

A great actor who portrays different role with the whole world as my stage

A frustrated singer who held concerts within the four walls of the bathroom

A struggling writer who composed nonsense crap


Who am I?

I am a person who in spite of all the terrible things happened to me still manages to stand up

A person whom after all her life living in the darkness was able to see the light

A person who is striving to start a new life, to have a second chance in life


Disclaimer: Photo used came from Google


We had our disagreement the night before

You left this morning without saying goodbye

I was vexed but I guess we needed some time apart

For us to be able to think things over


It was late in the afternoon

I heard footsteps slowly approaching

As I turn around you hugged and kissed me

Apologized and said “I love you”


I slowly opened my eyes and looked around

You were nowhere to be seen

I called out your name but no one answered

It looked so real but was only a dream


My heart jumped when the phone rang

My knees suddenly felt numb

Tears began flowing down my cheeks

I simply couldn’t believe what I’ve heard


It was getting dark but I waited patiently

I just know you’ll come back to me

Wearing a smirk on your face

Laughing at me for worrying about nothing


Tears just flow without hesitations

Agony, pain and anger filled my heart

I can’t believe it ended this way

You left me all alone to face this cruel world


Words were left unspoken

Feelings were left uncertain

All the questions left unanswered

What will I do without you now?


To a special friend, a caring sister and a loving daughter

Who had always been there by my side

I will forever treasure in my heart

All the sweet memories that we once shared


We need to live far away from each other

So farewell for now but not forever

In time, I know we shall meet each other again

You will forever be missed but shall never be forgotten


Time will somehow heal all wounds

And provide the answers that I need

But for now I know I need to be strong

For me to make it through this life


Yesterday is history, tomorrow is still unclear

Today, one thing I know for certain

My heart will forever be longing for you

Until such time that we shall be together again